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Mood Disorders Brain Imaging and Therapeutic Implications

Mood Disorders
Brain Imaging and Therapeutic Implications
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ISBN: 9781108427128
Anul publicarii: 2021


Mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder are common mental illnesses, affecting millions of patients worldwide. The application of newly available brain imaging methods to the study of mood disorders holds substantial promise in uncovering the brain mechanisms affected in these illnesses. This comprehensive and authoritative text features contributions from leading international experts, providing easily accessible information on the study of the brain mechanisms involved in the causation of mood disorders and the available treatments. Topics covered include the potential of magnetoencephalography (MEG), neuroimaging brain inflammation in depression, electrophysiology studies in mood disorders, and the applications of machine learning, filling an important gap in available neuropsychiatric literature and highlighting new developments. An invaluable resource for practitioners in the fields of psychiatry, neurology, primary care medicine, and related mental health professions, as well as researchers, students, graduate and post-graduate trainees.


  • Much needed comprehensive textbook on a rapidly growing and important new area of investigation in neuropsychiatry
  • Featuring a broad array of topics and providing a single source of comprehensive information on imaging in mood disorders
  • Leading experts in mood disorders present the most authoritative research and clinical evidence base and reliable data based on a variety of research experiences


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