Motor Speech Disorders
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Motor Speech Disorders

Motor Speech Disorders
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ISBN: 9780323530545
Anul publicarii: 2020
Ediția: 4
Pagini: 512
Categoria: NEUROLOGY


Ensure you're up to speed with the most recent findings in motor speech disorders. One of the most trusted sources on this topic, Motor Speech Disorders integrates the latest neurological research with the realities of clinical practice. The fourth edition is divided into three sections which focus on substrates of motor speech and its disorders, the disorders and their diagnoses, and finally managing various treatment types. Additionally, new research on the neurologic organization of motor control, causes of motor speech disorders, and advances in the medical and behavioral management of specific disorders is incorporated throughout. Supported by a robust evolve site, this outstanding, evidence-based resource provides everything you need to become a skilled clinical practitioner.

Key Features
  • UPDATED! Over 400 literature references emphasize clinically important information for each major part of the textbook.
  • UPDATED Illustrations throughout text enhance your understanding of key concepts.
  • UPDATED Case studies in Disorders chapters help clarify dense and difficult content and help hone your critical thinking skills.
  • Cutting-edge research with an emphasis on evidence-based practice ensures that this book contains the most comprehensive and up-to-date look at the state of motor speech disorders.
  • Logical three-part organization first covers the neurologic underpinnings of speech, then the various disorders resulting from problems in the nervous system, and then the basic principles and disorder-specific management strategies.
  • Summary tables and boxes offer easy access to important information such as causes and characteristics to aid in differential diagnosis.
  • Chapter outline and summary sections highlight key points to help you to focus on the most significant information.

New to this Edition
  • NEW! 24 new audio and video clips demonstrating various disorders have been added to the accompanying Evolve website, totaling over 150 audio and video clips in the interactive PowerPoint presentations.
  • NEW! Clinical insights and key information summaries call out need-to-know information throughout text.


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