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Muscle and Exercise Physiology

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Anul publicarii: 2019
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Muscle and Exercise Physiology is a comprehensive reference covering muscle and exercise physiology, from basic science to advanced knowledge, including muscle power generating capabilities, muscle energetics, fatigue, aging and the cardio-respiratory system in exercise performance. Topics presented include the clinical importance of body responses to physical exercise, including its impact on oxygen species production, body immune system, lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, cardiac energetics and its functional reserves, and the health-related effects of physical activity and inactivity. Novel topics like critical power, ROS and muscle, and heart muscle physiology are explored.

This book is ideal for researchers and scientists interested in muscle and exercise physiology, as well as students in the biological sciences, including medicine, human movements and sport sciences.

  • Contains basic and state-of-the-art knowledge on the most important issues of muscle and exercise physiology, including muscle and body adaptation to physical training, the impact of aging and physical activity/inactivity
  • Provides both the basic and advanced knowledge required to understand mechanisms that limit physical capacity in both untrained people and top class athletes
  • Covers advanced content on muscle power generating capabilities, muscle energetics, fatigue and aging

Table of Contents

Skeletal Muscle Morphology
1. Human Body Composition and Muscle Mass 
2. Functional Morphology of the Striated Muscle 
3. Mechanisms of Muscle Contraction and Relaxation
4. Motor Units and Muscle Receptors

Muscle Energetics and its Performance
5. Muscle Energetics
6. Efficiency of Skeletal Muscle
7. Muscle Function: Strength, Speed, and, Fatigability
8. Critical Power: Possibly the Most Important Fatigue Threshold in Exercise Physiology
9. Energy Cost of Human Locomotion on Land and in Water

Muscle Metabolism and Exercise Physiology
10. The Coupling of Internal and External Gas Exchange During Exercise
11. Carbohydrate Metabolism During Exercise
12. Muscle Lipid Metabolism
13. Muscle as an Endocrine Organ
14. The Role of Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species in Skeletal Muscle
15. Exercise, Immunity and Illness

Body Adaptation to Exercise
16. The Evolution of Skeletal Muscle Plasticity in Response to Physical Activity and Inactivity
17. Muscle Blood Flow and Vascularization in Response to Exercise and Training
18. Metabolic Transitions and Muscle Metabolic Stability: Effects of Exercise Training
19. Human Aging - Impact on Muscle Force and Power
20. The Role of Exercise on Fracture Reduction and Bone Strengthening

Heart Muscle and Exercise
21. Functional Morphology of the Cardiac Myocyte
22. Exercise and the Coronary Circulation
23. Cardiac Energetics
24. Regulation of Heart Rate and Blood Pressure During Exercise in Humans
25. Sympatho-excitation in Heart Failure: Contribution of Skeletal Muscle Reflexes and the Protective Role of Exercise Training 


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