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Musculoskeletal Trauma in the Elderly

Musculoskeletal Trauma in the Elderly
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ISBN: 9781482252026
Anul publicarii: 2016
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  • A unique book that focuses on the practical management of musculoskeletal trauma in elderly patients
  • Deals with all aspects from diagnosis and assessment through to treatment and potential complications
  • Edited by a team of renowned editors from the UK and USA
  • Chapters contributed by international expert authors in the emerging field of orthogeriatrics
  • Accompanying VitalSource ebook allows access to companion video


Trauma in older people aged over 65 is a rapidly growing field within orthopaedics. Up to two thirds of fractures occur as a result of a fall and about one third of all fractures occur in the over-65 population. The aim of this comprehensive new text is to present the epidemiology and management of all musculoskeletal trauma that occurs in the elderly. The book deals with the assessment and treatment of medical comorbidities, complications, and the role of orthogeriatric care.


The focus of the book is on the practical management of fractures although soft tissue injuries and dislocations are also discussed. Reflecting the multidisciplinary nature of the field, contributors are drawn from orthopaedics and orthogeriatrics on both sides of the Atlantic. The book is intended for all surgeons and physicians involved in the treatment of trauma in the elderly, and it will be relevant to trainees and as well as experienced practitioners.


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