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Natural Substances for Cancer Prevention

Natural Substances for Cancer Prevention
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Anul publicarii: 2018
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  • Provides a summary of selected natural products and foods that have been shown to have potential inhibitory effects on cancer formation and development
  • Presents in vitro and in vivo activities on different types of cancer cells, such as antiproliferative, antiviability, antigrowth, antimetastatic, antiangiogenic, and antitumorigenic effects
  • Discusses the cancer inhibitory and growth-arresting substances (including extracts and components) from foodstuffs and their effects in cancer prevention
  • Presents details of proven antioxidants, anticancer immunity, immunoenhancing properties and modern formulation approaches for nano- and micro-capsules
  • Serves as a handy source of second-hand information for researchers and others who are interested in this area of research and practices


Natural Substances for Cancer Prevention explores in detail how numerous investigations in chemical biology and molecular biology have established strong scientific evidence demonstrating how the properties of naturally occurring bioactive chemicals hamper all stages of cancers (from initiation to metastasis).

Accordingly, important goals for cancer prevention are the modification of our dietary habits and an increase in the intake of more anticancer-related natural substances. More significantly, the bioactive chemicals presented in the functional foods should be readily available, inexpensive, non-toxic, and nutritional.


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