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Nerve Blockade and Interventional Therapy

Nerve Blockade and Interventional Therapy
ISBN: 978-4-431-54659-7
Anul publicarii: 2016
Pagini: 350
Format: Hardcover
Preț: 714,00 lei
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  • Provides physicians with extensive technical information on pain management
  • Covers topics ranging from established treatment to current discussions
  • Introduces the high level of standard procedure in this field
This book provides physicians practicing at pain management clinics with comprehensive explanations of interventional therapeutic procedures including nerve blockade, as well as pharmacotherapy. Interventional therapeutic procedures including nerve blockade are categorized by devices into landmark (“blind”), X-ray-guided, ultrasound-guided, CT-guided, MR-guided, and endoscopic techniques. In this book, each chapter introduces one type of nerve blockade procedure that involves several different devices. The authors describe the pros and cons of each technique and make recommendations for the best devices to use. This book will also help anesthesiologists and other physicians to improving their treatment techniques.


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