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Netter 3D Anatomy (Retail Access Card)

Preț: 210,00 lei
Disponibilitate: la comandă
ISBN: 9780323442817
Anul publicarii: 2017
Ediția: 6


Explore anatomy from any angle and label over 13 500 structures and landmarks with Netter 3D Anatomy! Designed to help students recognize structures and retain information this 1-year online subscription to Netter3DAnatomy. com gives access to 3D models that can be navigated by system and region with colors and textures derived from classic Frank H. Netter MD art. Also ideal for use as a companion to the Netter Atlas of Human Anatomy and other Netter Anatomy products it makes a great gift for med pre-med PT nursing or other anatomy students looking to deepen their understanding of the human body.

Key Features 

  • Purchase includes an activation key code for a 1-year online subscription to Netter3Danatomy. com, an award-winning 3D anatomy software program.
  • Helps students efficiently recognize structures, retain information, and develop a better spatial understanding of anatomy.
  • Offers full 360-degree rotation of structures, and the ability to rotate, zoom, and hide/unhide individual or sets of structures.
  • Colors and textures derived from Frank H. Netter, MD artwork.
  • "Author Mode" allows you to save views you create and add notes.
  • This product requires an internet connection and the free downloadable Unity Web Player, supported by Firefox, Safari, IE, and Opera.
  • Not compatible with Google Chrome browsers.


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