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Neurocritical Care

Neurocritical Care
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ISBN: 978-981-13-7271-1
Anul publicarii: 2019
Pagini: 225
Categoria: NEUROLOGY


  • Provides up-to-date strategies for neurocritical care
  • Covers treatments for various disorders
  • Focuses on neurointensive care for intensivists and related physicians
This book discusses the factors that affect outcomes in patients requiring various types of neurocritical care. 
Neurocritical care was originally developed to manage patients with traumatic brain injury or stroke. Today, neurocritical care involves patients with a wide variety conditions, including not only brain injury, cerebrovascular disease and brain tumors but also post cardiac arrest syndrome, metabolic disorders, sepsis-related encephalopathy, degenerative diseases, and electrolyte abnormalities. Recently, there has been a focus on improving the outcomes and patients’ quality of life. Covering the latest topics in the field, and written by specialists such as neurosurgeons, anesthesiologists and neurologists, the book provides an update on therapeutic / management strategies for disorders requiring neurocritical care for emergency physicians, intensivists and critical care physicians.


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