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ISBN: 9783135239040
Anul publicarii: 2004
Ediția: 4
Pagini: 992
Categoria: NEUROLOGY


Pocket-sized and affordable, this classic Thieme Flexibook provides a thorough and comprehensive review of clinical neurology. The fully revised fourth edition puts new emphasis on clinical relevance, and contains updated information on stroke, epilepsy, eye movements, headache, and more!

Key features:

- Nearly 1, 000 pages of up-to-date clinical information
- More than 50% of the book has been totally revised and updated for this edition
- Easy-to-use index provides quick access to content
- Written by two experienced clinical neurologists and teachers

One of the best basic works to address the entire field of neurology, this practical book has become a major text and reference for neurology students and residents the world over. The book also appeals to general practitioners, neurology specialists, and even neurosurgeons needing a quick reference on an unfamiliar neurological problem.
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