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Neurology of Vision and Visual Disorders

Neurology of Vision and Visual Disorders
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Anul publicarii: 2021
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Table of Contents

  1. A review of diseases of the retina for neurologists
    2. Amblyopia
    3. Retinal ganglion cells and the magnocellular, parvocellular, and koniocellular subcortical visual pathways from the eye to the brain
    4. Perimetry and visual field defects
    5. Electrophysiology in neuro-ophthalmology
    6. The role of optical coherence tomography in the diagnosis of afferent visual pathway problems: A neuroophthalmic perspective
    7. The striate cortex and hemianopia
    8. Color vision
    11. Object recognition and visual object agnosia
    10. Prosopagnosia and disorders of face processing
    11. The relationship between mental and physical space and its impact on topographical disorientation
    12. Reading and alexia
    13. Bálint syndrome
    14. Motion perception and its disorders
    15. Aphantasia: The science of visual imagery extremes
    16. Blindsight
    17. Illusions, hallucinations, and visual snow
    18. Vision, attention, and driving
    19. Rehabilitation of visual disorders


Neurology of Vision and Visual Disorders, Volume 178 in the Handbooks of Neurology series provides comprehensive summaries of recent research on the brain and nervous system. This volume reviews alterations in vision that stem from the retina to the cortex. Coverage includes content on vision and driving derived from the large amount of time devoted in clinics to determining who is safe to drive, along with research on the interplay between visual loss, attention and strategic compensations that may determine driving suitability. The title concludes with vision therapies and the evidence behind these approaches.

Each chapter is co-written by a basic scientist collaborating with a clinician to provide a solid underpinning of the mechanisms behind the clinical syndromes.

Key Features

  • Reviews the neurological underpinnings of visual perception disorders
  • Encompasses the cortex to the retina
  • Covers functional organization, electrophysiology and subcortical visual pathways
  • Discusses assessment, diagnosis and management of visual perception disorders
  • Includes international experts from Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Singapore, and the UK and US


Clinical neurologists, researchers in neurology ophthalmologists


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