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Neurorehabilitation Therapy and Therapeutics

Neurorehabilitation Therapy and Therapeutics
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Anul publicarii: 2019
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Cognitive impairment, dysphagia, communication issues, pain, spasticity, bladder dysfunction, sexual dysfunction and bowel incontinence are but a few problems frequently reported by individuals living with long-term neurological conditions. The management of long-term neurological conditions requires co-ordinated inputs from multiple disciplines, and this practical handbook facilitates this by combining physical, cognitive and psychological strategies to patient management. Featuring contributions from leading experts in neurology, health services and clinical rehabilitation, this book is a comprehensive overview of common neurological impairments and solutions. It adopts an evidence-based approach to both pharmacological and non-pharmacological options for alleviating neurological symptoms. An easy-to-refer to guide, bridging multiple disciplines, aided by current research, to provide effective, and practical management for all aspects and issues arising in the rehabilitation phases of the neurological patient. This unique pocketbook is intended for practitioners at all levels, and is ideally suited as a quick guide during ward rounds, out-patient clinics and therapy sessions.

  • Presents a holistic, practical, multi-disciplinary approach, from leading global experts in neurology, health services and clinical rehabilitation
  • Provides a quick-reference for busy practitioners, whether during ward rounds or within out-patient clinics
  • Combines pharmacological, physical, cognitive and psychological strategies in supporting individuals living with long-term neurological disorders

Table of Contents

List of contributors
1. An introduction to neurological rehabilitation Diane Playford and Krishnan Padmakumari Sivaraman Nair
2. Management of disorders of cognition in neurorehabilitation Pegah Touradji and Anna V. Agranovich
3. Management of mood and behaviour in neurorehabilitation Lewys Morgan and Abhijeeth Shetty
4. Management of disorders of consciousness in neurorehabilitation Andreas Bender
5. Management of communication disorders in neurorehabilitation Rajani Sebastian and Donna C. Tippett
6. Management of disorders of eating, drinking and swallowing in neurorehabilitation Rachel Mulheren, Alba Azola and Marlís González-Fernández
7. Management of salivary disorders in neurorehabilitation Nicole Rogus-Pulia, Joanne Yee and Korey Kennelty
8. Management of upper limb impairment in neurorehabilitation Preeti Raghavan and Manuel Wilfred
9. Management of vestibular disorders in neurorehabilitation Adolfo M. Bronstein and Marousa Pavlou
10. Management of walking disorders in neurorehabilitation Jonathan F. Marsden
11. Management of spasticity in neurorehabilitation Valerie L. Stevenson
12. Neurorehabilitation in Parkinson's disease and Parkinsonism Amit Batla and Fiona Lindop
13. Neuropathic pain Alina Zakin and David M. Simpson
14. Management of phantom limb in neurorehabilitation Rohit Bhide and Apurba Barman
15. Management of neuro-ophthalmologic disorders in neurorehabilitation Simon J. Hickman and Martin J. Rhodes
16. Management of pressure ulcers in neurorehabilitation Ramaswamy Hariharan and Anand Viswanathan
17. Management of disorders of blood pressure and control in neurorehabilitation Ellen Merete Hagen
18. Management of neurogenic lower urinary tract dysfunction Mahreen Pakzad and Pierre Denys
19. Management of neurogenic bowel dysfunction Anton Emmanuel
20. Management of neurogenic sexual dysfunction Gila Bronner and Tanya Gurevich


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