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Newborn and Infant Nutrition A Clinical Decision Support Chart

Newborn and Infant Nutrition
A Clinical Decision Support Chart
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ISBN: 9781610024280
Anul publicarii: 2020
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This all-new clinical resource provides valuable point-of-care decision support tools based on AAP policy for nutrition of newborns and infants.
A variety of the most important and practical tables, guidelines, and algorithms in the new eighth edition of the AAP policy manual Pediatric Nutrition is collected here for easy reference in an enlarged, expanded, colorized format.
The chart is presented in a spiral-bound "calendar" format, organized by handy, color-coded tabs.
Tools include
  • Breastfeeding Support
  • Formula Feeding
  • Parenteral Nutrition
  • Nutrition (Enteral) in Special Circumstances
  • Complementary Feeding
  • Food-Drug Interactions
  • Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency
  • Daily Reference Intakes and Upper Limits
  • And more


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