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Orthopaedic Emergencies

Orthopaedic Emergencies
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ISBN: 978-0-19-973574-7
Anul publicarii: 2012
Pagini: 384


Short summaries and bullet-point format enables easy reading.
Includes common pitfalls and highlights important knowledge.
Contains over 250 figures and numerous tables to facilitate learning.
A rapid reference guide to the approach and management of orthopaedic emergencies, this book provides quick differential diagnosis and treatment guidance for the emergency physician and orthopaedic resident and trainee. Chapters detail the initial management of musculoskeletal injuries, including reduction, splinting, and casting techniques for specific fractures and soft tissue injuries. A stepwise, how-to approach ensures easy learning, and an abundance of images provide clarity in instruction. This book also helps the reader identify those patients who can be appropriately treated as outpatients and patients who require urgent and emergent orthopaedic consultation.

1. Introduction
2. Basic Techniques
3. Upper Extremity Injuries
4. Lower Extremity Injuries
5. Pelvic Injuries
6. Spine Injuries
7. Orthopaedic Emergencies
8. Analgesia
9. Miscellaneous Procedures
10. Quick Reference Guide


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