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Oxford Handbook of Medical Sciences

Oxford Handbook of Medical Sciences
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ISBN: 9780198789895
Anul publicarii: 2021
Ediția: 3
Pagini: 1040


  • An ideal introduction to the medical sciences for both medical and biomedical science students, and a useful refresher for junior doctors
  • Fully illustrated with diagrams and full-colour images
  • Scientific principles are discussed in the context of disease throughout, and the book is cross-referenced to other Oxford Handbooks, including the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine and the Oxford Handbook of Practical Drug Therapy

New to this Edition:

  • Comprehensively updated to include all relevant changes in the field
  • Includes more of the 'classic' experiments defining the scientific principles explained in the book; making it more evidence-based

Written by biomedical scientists and clinicians, with the purpose of disseminating the fundamental scientific principles that underpin medicine, this new edition of the Oxford Handbook of Medical Sciences provides a clear, easily digestible account of basic cell physiology and biochemistry. It also includes an investigation of the traditional pillars of medicine (anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology and pharmacology) integrated in the context of each of the major systems relevant to the human body. It is cross-referenced to the Oxford Handbook of Clinical MedicineOxford Handbook of Clinical Specialities, and Oxford Handbook of Practical Drug Therapy. Thoroughly illustrated, it is the ideal introduction to the medical sciences for medical students and biomedical scientists, as well as a valuable refresher for junior doctors.

Table of Contents

1: Cellular structure and function
2: Cellular metabolism
3: Molecular and medical genetics
4: Nerve and muscle
5: Musculoskeletal system
6: Respiratory and cardiovascular systems
7: Urinary system
8: Digestive system
9: Endocrine organs
10: Reproduction and development
11: Neuroanatomy and neurophysiology
12: Infection and immunity
13: Growth of tissues and organs
14: Medicine and society
15: Techniques of medical sciences


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