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Oxford Handbook of Urology

Oxford Handbook of Urology
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ISBN: 9780198783480
Anul publicarii: 2019
Ediția: 5
Pagini: 896
Format: flexicover
Categoria: UROLOGY


  • A fully comprehensive reference, packaged in a compact size suitable for pockets and bags
  • Written by an author team with a diverse range of subspecialist interests, providing a full breadth of expertise in all areas.
  • Clear pictures and diagrams aid comprehension throughout the handbook, including techniques for surgical procedures and anatomical illustrations
  • Presented in a concise bullet-point format, which helps readers find information quickly
  • Offers management pathways to help deliver evidence-based patient care
  • Provides an excellent revision tool for junior doctors specialising in urology, and for clinical medicine students, with a level of detail suitable for preparation for the FRCS exam
New to this Edition:
  • Features new and expanded topics, including transplant and dialysis, paediatric antenatal hydronephrosis, megaureter and incontinence, pelvic floor dysfunction, and a review and revision of cancer topics to come in line with new recommendations.
  • Fully updated guidelines and recommendations from national and international bodies, including AUA, EAU, NICE, and BAUS.
  • A new co-author, Naomi Sharma, has been added to the author team to ensure the handbook caters to the level and needs of junior doctors.
  • Urological controversies have been included, to guide doctors' consultations with the patient.
The fourth edition of the Oxford Handbook of Urology has been fully updated to reflect the significant advances in medical and surgical opportunities since the previous edition, including pelvic laparoscopic and robotic surgery, new drugs in incontinence and male sexual health, and new laser devices for prostate surgery. Guidelines from the European Association of Urology, the American Association of Urology, and the British Association of Urology, as well as NICE, have all been updated to reflect the best evidence-based clinical practice.

Featuring both additional and expanded topics, the new edition is up to date for use in everyday urological clinical practice, and now includes recent urological controversies such as the use of vaginal mesh, to offer the newest guidance to help with doctors' consultations with the patient.

The handbook is a comprehensive and concise resource, spanning the whole field of urology in an easily digestible format, including the basics of patient assessment and investigations. Providing bite-sized topics with easily navigable sections and summary diagrams and photographs, it is a key source for quick reference during clinical duties in clinics, theatre, and A&E settings, whilst providing enough information for urology doctors taking the FRCS exam. The authors have a wide range of subspecialist interests, and have welcomed a brand new co-author to ensure coverage of the needs of junior doctors. TheOxford Handbook of Urology is an invaluable resource for junior urology doctors, A&E and general surgery doctors, urology ward and theatre nurses, and medical students.

Table of Contents

1: General principles of management of patients
2: Significance and preliminary investigation of urological symptoms and signs
3: Urological investigations
4: Bladder outlet obstruction
5: Urinary incontinence and female urology
6: Infections and inflammatory conditions
7: Urological neoplasia
8: Miscellaneous urological diseases of the kidney
9: Stone disease
10: Upper tract obstruction, loin pain, hydronephrosis
11: Trauma to the urinary tract and other urological emergencies
12: Infertility
13: Sexual health
14: Neuropathic bladder
15: Urological problems in pregnancy
16: Paediatric urology
17: Urological surgery and equipment
18: Basic science and renal transplant
19: Urological eponyms


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