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Pediatric Critical Care Text and Study Guide

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ISBN: 978-3-030-53362-5
Anul publicarii: 2021
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This extensively updated textbook is a comprehensive study guide that covers pediatric critical care principles and specific disease entities commonly encountered by the pediatric critical care medicine (PCCM) practitioner. Pathophysiologic aspects unique to the pediatric patient are emphasized. The first edition has become a highly utilized text for pediatric critical care fellows. The second edition will prove even more valuable to the fellow in-training and indeed to any clinical pediatric intensivist. In addition to updating the chapters from the previous edition, there are new chapters on topics such as central nervous structure and function, palliative care, child abuse and practical biostatistics. 

Pediatric Critical Care: Text and Study Guide is an invaluable clinically focused resource for PCCM practitioners.  Allowing for concise reading on specific topics, this book acts as both text and study guide covering advanced physiology, pathophysiology, diagnostic considerations and treatment approaches that should be mastered by the higher level PCCM practitioner.

The large number of illustrations complements the text in each chapter that also includes key references and case-orientated questions that help reinforce important ideas learned in the chapter.


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