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Pediatric Facts Made Incredibly Quick

Pediatric Facts Made Incredibly Quick
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Anul publicarii: 2019
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Publisher's Note:
Get essential pediatric nursing guidance and vital information in your pocket, with the freshly updated Pediatric Facts Made Incredibly Quick! ® , 3rd Edition.
Like having a friendly, experienced coworker at your side, this enjoyable, colorfully illustrated guide clarifies vital pediatric nursing skills and concepts, with easy-to-remember how-to’s on pediatric vital signs, pain assessments, meds administration, and more. Whether you’re a nursing student or a nurse who is new to pediatrics, this must-have quick-reference delivers on-the-spot knowledge and confidence needed to provide safe, effective care .
Get the know-how you need to succeed, with this colorful in-your-pocket guide, featuring:
· NEW and updated content on crucial pediatric nursing skills
  • Spiral-bound format that easily fits in your pocket for at-a-glance answers or as an on-the-unit shelf reference
  • Laminated, wipe-clean pages that are perfect for notetaking
  • Dozens of color photos, drawings, and diagrams that demonstrate the concise, easy-to-remember text
  • Clear directions and helpful tables delineating vital technical information, including:
    • Lab Values – Chemistry tests, complete blood count, antibiotic levels, urine, acid-base disorders
    • Meds / IV Therapy – Immunization schedules, calculations, conversions, BSA, administration methods and sites, fluid needs, IV solutions, blood compatibility, insulin
    • IV solutions – Infusion therapy and rates
    /liLI>Color-coded tabs that provide quick access to a broad range of techniques, data, and information on areas such as:
    • Growth and Patterns of Development – Theories of development; expected growth rates; height and weight tables; stages of development – language, play, psychosocial, moral, intuitive; sexual maturity; preparation for hospitalization and surgery
    • Assessment – Health history; length and head circumference; physical exams; abuse assessments; burns; mental health; vital signs – normal heart rates; assessment of body systems – eyes and ears, respiratory, cardiovascular, GI, urinary, nervous, musculoskeletal, hematological, immune, and endocrine
    • Emergency measures – CPR, choking, ACLS algorithms
    • Skills – Med administration, IVs, precautions, tracheostomy care
    • Teaching – SIDS, choking, toileting, burns, poison, drowning, falls, vehicle safety
    • Resources – Conversion, nutrition, sleep, cultural concerns
    /liLI>Important on-the-job and classroom resources – includes an English-to-Spanish guide for translations of basic terms
  • “Nurse Joy” and “Jake” provide expert insights and encouragement on assessments and interventions


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