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Pediatric Ophthalmology in the Emergency Room Evaluation and Treatment

Pediatric Ophthalmology in the Emergency Room
Evaluation and Treatment
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ISBN: 978-3-030-49949-5
Anul publicarii: 2020
Pagini: 276


This book aims to cover the important pediatric ophthalmic diagnoses that present in the emergency room. A collaborative work of experienced experts, it describes the history, examination, testing, epidemiology, pathogenesis, treatment, and prognosis for a variety of disorders. Richly illustrated, the book off ers an invaluable tool for all specialists and trainees entrusted with the care of children presenting with ocular conditions.

Across 17 comprehensive yet concise chapters, this book provides an overview on a number of typical pathologies, including trauma, infections, inflammations, and tumors. Organized into five sections, each chapter is written to relay broad insight into the common ophthalmic conditions that may bring a child in for an acute healthcare visit. Additionally, skillfully written text is further supplemented by many high-quality images, including clinical photographs, fundus images, radiographs, and intraoperative photos.  

Pediatric Ophthalmology in the Emergency Room meets the market need for a resource on this specific topic designed for trainee instruction. It is a valuable text for medical students, residents, and fellows, as well as anyone involved in the urgent or emergent care of children, including ER physicians, ophthalmologists, optometrists and other personnel.


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