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Pediatric Surgery General Principles and Newborn Surgery

Pediatric Surgery
General Principles and Newborn Surgery
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ISBN: 978-3-662-43587-8
Publishing Year: 2020
Pages: 1290
Category: SURGERY


Pediatric Surgery provides an up-to-date and comprehensive analysis of current practice in the field. It is divided into three volumes, with a total of seven sections that focus on general principles, newborn surgery, general pediatric surgery, tumor surgery, trauma, transplantation, and pediatric urology surgery. Detailed descriptions of surgical techniques and pre- and postoperative management are provided by experts from various parts of the world.

The result is an international reference on the surgical management of both common and rare diseases of infants and children that will be an ideal source of information and guidance for pediatric surgeons, pediatric urologists, neonatologists, pediatricians, and all those seeking more detailed information on surgical conditions in children.

The three volumes are as follows:

  • Volume 1: General Principles and Newborn Surgery
  • Volume 2: General Pediatric Surgery, Tumors, Trauma and Transplantation
  • Volume 3: Pediatric Urology


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