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Peripheral Neuropathies A Practical Approach

Peripheral Neuropathies A Practical Approach
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Do you find the evaluation of a patient presenting clinical symptoms of distal extremity numbness and weakness daunting and complex? Are you unsure of the diagnostic processes and best-practices in the treatment of peripheral neuropathy? This invaluable guide presents a practical approach to the diagnosis and successful management of patients with peripheral neuropathies. Starting with a structured series of patient queries for symptoms and examination signs, the diagnostic process emphasizes the role of electrodiagnostic tests in defining the neuropathy. Specific neuropathies are presented with their epidemiology, causative pathology, diagnostic and laboratory factors, alongside advised treatments and overall management strategies. This leading resource will assist non-neuromuscular neurologists, physiatrists, neurology and physiatry residents, and will also be useful to electromyographers, proving an ideal aid for busy clinic schedules.

  • Presents a full clinical characterization of symptoms and signs of a neuropathy
  • Shows correlations between electrodiagnostic findings and underlying pathology
  • Classifies neuropathies by type

Table of Contents

Part I. Approach to the Evaluation of Peripheral Neuropathies:
1. Peripheral nerve anatomy
2: Peripheral nerve pathology
3: Clinical approach
4. Electrodiagnostic evaluation
5. Diagnostic testing
Part II. Proximal Peripheral Neuropathy:
6. Radiculopathies
7. Plexopathies
Part III. Mononeuropathies:
8. Median nerve neuropathies
9. Ulnar nerve neuropathies
10. Radial nerve neuropathies
11. Fibular/peroneal nerve neuropathies
12. Sciatic nerve neuropathies
13. Femoral nerve neuropathies
14. Tibial nerve neuropathies
15. Lateral femoral cutaneous nerve neuropathies
16. Sural nerve neuropathies
17. Saphenous nerve neuropathies
Part IV. Acute Immune Neuropathies:
18. Guillain-Barré syndrome: general features
19. Acute immune demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy
20. Acute motor sensory axonal neuropathy
21. Acute motor axonal neuropathy
22. Fisher syndrome and Bickerstaff encephalitis
23. Vasculitic neuropathy
Part V. Chronic Immune Neuropathies:
24. Chronic immune demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy
25. Chronic immune demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy variants and syndromes
26. Chronic immune-mediated motor and sensory neuropathy with conduction block
Part VI. Length-Dependent Neuropathies:
27. Length-dependent neuropathies: general features
28. Diabetic neuropathies
29. Acquired amyloid neuropathies
30. Neuropathy associated with bariatric surgery
31. Neuropathy associated with critical illness
32. Neuropathy associated with environmental toxins
33. Neuropathy associated with drugs
34. Neuropathy associated with human immunodeficiency virus
35. Leprous neuropathy
36. Neuropathy associated with nutritional deficiencies
37. Paraneoplastic sensory neuropathy
38. Small fiber neuropathy
39. Uremic neuropathy
40. Neuropathy associated with gluten sensitivity
41. Neuropathy associated with Lyme neuroborreliosis
Part VII. Hereditary Neuropathies:
42. Hereditary neuropathies (Charcot-Marie-Tooth neuropathies)
43. Neuropathy associated with porphyria
44. Hereditary amyloid neuropathy
45. Neuropathy associated Fabry disease
Part VIII. Neuropathies Associated with Rare Conditions and Uncertain Associations:
46: Neuropathies associated with rare conditions and uncertain associations
Part IX. Management of Peripheral Neuropathies:
47. General management
48. Pharmacologic management.



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