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Personalized Anaesthesia Targeting Physiological Systems for Optimal Effect

Personalized Anaesthesia
Targeting Physiological Systems for Optimal Effect
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ISBN: 9781107579255
Anul publicarii: 2020


Personalized Anaesthesia presents a modern vision of anaesthesia. Integrating technology and knowledge from leading experts in the field, this book will change the way anaesthesia is both taught and practiced. Modern practice requires the anaesthetist to provide patient-specific management. This is the first resource to be organised by the desired physiological effect, rather than by drug groupings, explaining how physiological changes can be produced and controlled according to the characteristics of each patient and the particular surgical context. The book integrates physiology, pharmacology and technology, and applies these concepts in a systematic manner to each homeostatic system. This will optimise drug titration, effect quantification and decision making in anaesthesia practice to match the needs of the individual patient. Complex mathematical and scientific concepts are explained using accessible text, colour illustrations throughout and graphs. This is an essential text for any consultant or trainee working in anaesthesia.

  • Teaches readers about concepts used in modern monitoring and drug administration tools
  • Explains how the integration of physiology, pharmacology and technology allows anaesthesia to become personalized
  • Highly illustrated throughout to convey complex scientific concepts
  • Table of Contents

    Part I. Basic Principles:
    1. Principles of quantitative clinical pharmacology Pedro L Gambús and Sebastián Jaramillo
    2. Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic modeling in anaesthesia María J. Garrido and Iñaki F. Trocóniz
    3. Drug interactions: additivity and synergy among anaesthetic drugs Jacqueline A. Hannam and Timothy G. Short
    4. Covariate analysis in clinical anaesthesia Luis I. Cortinez and Brian J. Anderson
    5. Signal analysis and response measurement Umberto Melia, Erik W. Jensen and José F. Valencia
    6. Application of PKPD and signal analysis to drug administration in anaesthesia Ross R. Kennedy
    Part II. Targeting Effects:
    7. Hypnotic effect: inducing unconsciousness and emergence from anaesthesia Sergio Vide, Catarina Nunes and Pedro Amorim
    8. Analgesia: effects on response to nociceptive stimulation Emmanuel Boselli and Mathieu Jeanne
    9. Personalized sedation and analgesia Michael M. Beck, Jeffrey B. Horn and Ken B. Johnson
    10. Respiratory depression Malin Jonsson Fagerlund
    11. Immobility Klaus T. Olkkola and Douglas J. Eleveld
    12. Effects on brain function Neus Fabregas and Adrian W. Gelb
    13. Targeted and individualized perioperative medicine for cognitive dysfunction Pauline Glasman, Alice Jacquens and Vincent Degos
    14. Cardiac and hemodynamic function Kai Kuck, Natalie Silverton and Michael K. Cahalan
    15. Effects of anaesthesia on thermoregulation Oliver Kimberger
    16. Effects of perioperative management on kidney function Xavier Borrat and Jordi Mercadal
    17. Effects on liver function Andre M. De Wolf and Jan F. A. Hendrickx
    18. Effects on fluid balance Robert G. Hahn
    19. Ventilation during general anaesthesia Lluís Gallart
    20. Epilogue: artificial intelligence methods Sebastián Jaramillo, José F. Valencia and Pedro L. Gambús


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