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Personalized Psychiatry

Personalized Psychiatry
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Personalized Psychiatry presents the first book to explore this novel field of biological psychiatry that covers both basic science research and its translational applications. The book conceptualizes personalized psychiatry and provides state-of-the-art knowledge on biological and neuroscience methodologies, all while integrating clinical phenomenology relevant to personalized psychiatry and discussing important principles and potential models. It is essential reading for advanced students and neuroscience and psychiatry researchers who are investigating the prevention and treatment of mental disorders.

Key Features

  • Combines neurobiology with basic science methodologies in genomics, epigenomics and transcriptomics
  • Demonstrates how the statistical modeling of interacting biological and clinical information could transform the future of psychiatry
  • Addresses fundamental questions and requirements for personalized psychiatry from a basic research and translational perspective

Table of Contents

Section I: The concept of Personalized Psychiatry
1. What is Personalized Psychiatry and why is it necessary?
2. Principles of and Lessons Learned from Personalized Medicine
3. From Biological discovery to Change in Behaviour: the case of obesity
4. How to integrate clinical and biological information to a unified concept in Psychiatry

Section II: Biological and neuroscience methodologies and clinical phenomenology in Personalized Psychiatry
5. The Psychiatric Genomics Consortium: history, development and future
6. Genomics: Genetic underpinnings of disease vulnerability, onset and course of psychiatric disorders
7. Psychiatric Genetic Epidemiology: key concepts and possible applications
8. Genetic Profile Scores in Psychiatric Disorders
9. The area of bioinformatics and algorithms in Personalized Psychiatry?
10. Machine learning approach in Psychiatry: principles and outcomes
11. Proteomics as a novel methodology to uncover complex disease traits and biomarkers in mental illness
12. Transcriptomic: how can it be used to identify novel biomarkers? 
13. Epigenetomics: a new mechanistic research approach to predict disease vulnerability and response to treatment?
14. Principles of Pharmacogenomics for the prediction of pharmacological treatment response
15. Structural Neuroimaging as a tool to predict vulnerability, diagnosis and outcome in depression
16. How can Functional Neuroimaging be used to predict treatment response 
17. How Clinical Phenomenology contributes to Personalized Psychiatry


Section III: Clinical translation of Personalized Psychiatry 
18. A Translational Concept of Personalized Psychiatry
19. Early intervention, Prevention and Prediction in Clinical Psychiatry
20. Predictive Modelling in Psychiatry
21. Signature Research in Schizophrenia
22. Pharmacogenomics of Treatment Response in Bipolar Disorder
23. Pharmacogenomics of Treatment response in Major Depressive Disorder
24. Personalized treatments for Anxiety disorders
25. Genomics of Borderline Personality Disorder
26. Deep Brain Stimulation: a prototype of individualized treatment in Psychiatry?
27. Personalized Psychotherapy: Principles and Potential
28. Implications for Health Care Ethics, Mental Health Policy and Research Funding
29. Participation in Personalized Psychiatry: the client, patient, consumer perspective
30. The Future of Personalized Psychiatry


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