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Physician's Guide to Medicolegal Practice

Physician's Guide to Medicolegal Practice
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ISBN: 9781622028849
Anul publicarii: 2019
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Physician's Guide to Medicolegal Practice is a practical guide to the critical information, principles and practices essential for physicians, doctors and other professionals who are contemplating entry into the field of independent medical examination (IME), expert witness and forensic opinion work, or looking to enhance their skills within this field. It bridges the gap between reading about the IME business and actually carrying out the work.

This comprehensive work consists of 10 chapters that cover broad topics from all aspects of medicolegal practice including performing independent medical examinations, writing record and file review opinions, handling expert witness opportunities, and dealing with personal injury claims, court systems, and legal professionals ethically and professionally. The art of medicolegal report writing and scientific causation analysis, which are essential components of a successful practice for any medical or scientific disciplines where IME and expert witness opinions are needed by workers' compensation systems, casualty insurers claimants, treating physicians, and attorneys, is also discussed in detail.

The second half of the book discusses deposition and courtroom testimony skills any independent medical examiner/expert witness needs, and warns of common challenges and pitfalls encountered when dealing with the legal system, including other issues arising out of IME and expert witness practice, and recommends preventive strategies. Finally, a robust appendix provides sample forms and templates to help you get started in this business.

Features and Benefits:
  • Ten concise and easy to read chapters present the information needed to begin and grow a medicolegal practice.
  • Practice pearls throughout each chapter highlight the main and most salient points. They are the perfect resource for the reader who needs a quick refresh of this guide.
  • Thorough definitions of common medical and legal terms provide readers with the medicolegal vocabulary they need.
  • A robust appendix contains the 10 most important samples of forms, letters and documents that can help a reader launch a new or enhance an established business.
  • For physicians, this book teaches skills absent from medical training or residency programs and rarely covered in journal articles.


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