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Placental and Gestational Pathology

Placental and Gestational Pathology
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Anul publicarii: 2018
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This concise and comprehensive resource is vital for the pathologist faced with providing accurate, timely, and clinically useful diagnoses for placentas, products of conception, and gravid hysterectomies. Combining the pathologic, research, and clinical expertise of a diverse group of editors and authors from centers of excellence for placental pathology, this book enables easy application of the latest Amsterdam international consensus classification criteria, with cross-references to previous terminology and a pathophysiology-based classification system. It provides complete descriptions and illustrations of diagnostic gross, microscopic, and immunohistochemical findings together with a thorough discussion of potential pitfalls and differential diagnosis. Current theories of the genetic and physiologic basis for disease processes, culminating in placental lesions are discussed. The book features high-quality images and standardized measurement tables to assist real-time diagnoses and provides access to an online version on Cambridge Core, which can be accessed via the code printed on the inside of the cover.

  • Features latest Amsterdam international consensus classification criteria with cross references to previous terminology, allowing pathologists to quickly implement up to date diagnostic approaches
  • Summarizes the clinical context, pathogenesis, gross and microscopic features, differential diagnosis, ancillary diagnostic testing, prognostic implications, and gaps in existing knowledge for each diagnostic lesion
  • The high quality images and standardized measurement tables, which can be expanded in the bundled online HTML version, assist pathologists in making real-time diagnoses

Table of Contents

Part I. Introduction:
1. Normal development Mana Parast
Part II. Early Pregnancy Pathology:
2. Early pregnancy loss with normal karyotype Raymond W. Redline
3. Early pregnancy loss with abnormal karyotype Raymond W. Redline
4. Gestational trophoblastic disease Bradley J. Quade
Part III. Maternal Uteroplacental-Vascular Pathology:
5. Maternal vascular/trophoblastic developmental abnormalities Raymond W. Redline
6. Distal villous hypoplasia, focal and diffuse Brendan Fitzgerald and Sarah Keating
7. Maternal vascular malperfusion Raymond W. Redline
8. Loss of maternal vascular integrity Drucilla J. Roberts
Part IV. Fetal Stromal-Vascular Pathology:
9. Fetal-stromal vascular developmental abnormalities Raymond W. Redline
10. Fetal vascular malperfusion Theonia K. Boyd
11. Loss of fetal vascular integrity Drucilla J. Roberts
Part V. Inflammatory Processes:
12. Placental infections Drucilla J. Roberts
13. Chronic villitis/ villitis of unknown etiology (Vue) Mana Parast
14. Chronic inflammatory lesions sometimes associated with villitis of unknown etiology (Vue) Suzanne M. Jacques and Faisal Qureshi
15. Chronic histiocytic intervillositis Raymond W. Redline
Part VI. Other Pathologic Processes:
16. Placental size, shape, and umbilical cord abnormalities Raymond W. Redline
17. Perivillous fibrin deposition Drucilla J. Roberts
18. Atypical intraplacental hemorrhages/ thrombi Brendan Fitzgerald and Sarah Keating
19. Meconium effects Theonia K. Boyd
20. Increased circulating fetal nucleated red blood cells Theonia K. Boyd
21. Early and late membrane/amnion rupture and amnion nodosum Suzanne M. Jacques and Faisal Qureshi
22. Metastatic tumors Drucilla J. Roberts
23. Heterotopias and germ cell tumors Suzanne M. Jacques and Faisal Qureshi
24. Lysosomal storage disease, Bartter syndrome, and mimics Raymond W. Redline
Part VII. Pathology of Multiple Gestations:
25. The pathology of monochorionic placentation Monique E. De Paepe
26. Dichorionic or higher order multiple gestations Monique E. De Paepe
Part VIII. Uteroplacental Pathology:
27. Abnormal placental location Kelly Devereaux and Ann Folkins
28. Morbidly adherent placenta Linda M. Ernst
29. Uterine rupture/ dehiscence Sydney Card and Ann Folkins
30. Postpartum hemorrhage Koah Vierkoetter and Ann Folkins
Part IX. Clinicopathologic Correlations: Placental Pathology and Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes:
31. Spontaneous preterm delivery (premature labor, premature rupture of membranes, vaginal bleeding, cervical insufficiency) Raymond W. Redline
32. Fetal growth restriction Ann Folkins
33. Fetal death Theonia K. Boyd
34. Central nervous system injury Raymond W. Redline
35. Recurrent pregnancy loss Raymond W. Redline.


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