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Pocket ICU

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ISBN: 9781975192259
Anul publicarii: 2023
Ediția: 3
Pagini: 448


Designed for easy portability and quick reference, Pocket ICU, Third Edition, provides essential information that intensivists, residents, and nurses need daily in the ICU. Helmed by Drs. Gyorgy Frendl and Avery Tung and written by an expert team of contributing authors, this fully updated volume in the popular Pocket Notebook series provides a concise and focused review of all areas of critical care in one easy-to-navigate, pocket-sized notebook.  

  • Provides fast access to the most relevant, evidence-based information in every area of critical care, including adult, pediatric, neuro, cardiac, transplant, trauma and burn critical care   

  • New chapters addressing bioweapons, disaster preparedness and critical care challenges of an air-transmissible, pandemic-causing pathogen like COVID-19.  

  • Uniform reader-friendly, bulleted outline format with numerous tables and diagrams throughout  

  • Features an improved table of contents for faster access to essential information, a smart Index for key phrases, PubMed IDs for quick access to source literature  

  • Convenient, portable size to fit in your lab coat pocket  

  • Includes current contributions from leading critical care experts, as well as the most recent published evidence 


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