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Postgraduate Orthopaedics Viva Guide for the FRCS (Tr & Orth) Examination

Postgraduate Orthopaedics
Viva Guide for the FRCS (Tr & Orth) Examination
Price: 399,00 lei
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ISBN: 9781108722155
Publishing Year: 2019
Edition: 2


Develop an aptitude for defining key topics, features and processes, vital for your FRCS (Tr&Orth) Viva exam success, with this newly updated and detailed guide. This new edition expertly delivers invaluable insights into tactics and planning, for candidates to sharpen exam skills, and gain confidence. Thoroughly updated to include an expanded basic science section, to answer all of your viva questions, this guide also supplies candidates with new illustrations and exam-specific diagrams; adapting to meet the expectations of a constantly changing syllabus. Vital for orthopaedic surgeons in training, this forward-looking text includes a drawing chapter, for candidates to practise creating succinct, exam-style illustrations, before the exam itself. Proactive in its approach, this book addresses the balance between trauma, general orthopaedics and basic science; by editors with extensive national and international experience of preparing candidates for the FRCS(Tr & Orth).

  • Thoroughly updated with an expanded basic science section that answers all candidates' viva questions
  • Designed and written by experts in orthopaedic surgery
  • Includes newly updated and current illustrations, to reinforce learning points and better replicate the viva scenario
  • Includes a drawing-specific chapter, for candidates to practise drawing succinct exam-style illustrations


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