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Practical atlas of nutrition and feeding in cats and dogs (volume I) Printed + Digital

Practical atlas of nutrition and feeding in cats and dogs (volume I) Printed + Digital
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ISBN: 978-84-16818-41-9
Anul publicarii: 2017
Pagini: 96
Format: 24 x 33


Who said that nutrition is boring? Not in this book! Here we have transformed nutrition into a series of graphic pages, with simple and concise text and several diagrams, drawings and images, by which the veterinarian can see all of the fundamental aspects of nutrition in dogs and cats. From digestive physiology and dietary behavior, the evaluation of body condition and morphometric measurements, to the characterization of the immediate principals and the description of the energy and nutrient requirements, this atlas is a succession of pages with an immense richness in information and visuals that will enable the reader to enjoyably deepen their knowledge about pet nutrition.
1. Practical management of feeding
	How should we feed our pets?
	Learning to eat
	Strategies to stimulate ingestion (I)
	Strategies to stimulate ingestion (II)
2. Feeding for reproduction
	Nutritional management of breeding animals
	Feeding pregnant females
	Fats and proteins during pregnancy
	Minerals and vitamins in pregnancy
	Feeding management for pregnant pets and possible pathologies
3. Feeding lactating females
	Females in lactation: colostrum and milk
	Energy requirements during lactation (I)
	Energy requirements during lactation (II)
	Nutrients and management during lactation
4. Feeding puppies and kittens
	Puppy and kitten growth
	Weight gain in puppies and kittens
	Lactation and milk replacements
	Enzymatic development of the digestive system
	Requirements during growth (I)
	Requirements during growth (II)
	Food management in puppies and kittens
5. Feeding geriatric animals
	The aging process
	How does food restriction affect aging?
	Gastrointestinal changes due to aging
	Other systemic changes of aging
	Requirements in healthy geriatric animals (I)
	Requirements in healthy geriatric animals (II)
	Cognitive dysfunction syndrome
	Nutrients to fight CDS (I)
	Nutrients to fight CDS (II)
6. Feeding sporting and working dogs
	Sporting dogs
	Effects of exercise on digestion and the metabolism
	Changes associated with training
	Obtaining ATP for exercise
	How much energy does a dog spend when running?
	Factors increasing ER when running
	Temperature and energy requirements in exercise
	Nutrients for exercise: water and proteins
	Nutrients for exercise: fats and FAs
	Nutrients for exercise: carbohydrates and fiber 
	Vitamins and minerals for exercise
	Management of feeding in sporting dogs


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