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Practical Evidence-Based Physiotherapy

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Practical Evidence-Based Physiotherapy is designed to help physiotherapists of all levels of expertise to use high quality research evidence in their clinical decision making.

Written by an international team of experts and comprehensively updated in its third edition, the book considers how different sorts of evidence can be used to guide physiotherapy practice. It covers emerging methods, the use of both quantitative and qualitative research, and how to use online resources.

This book will help physiotherapy students and practitioners acquire fundamental skills of evidence-based practice and clinical reasoning, quickly find and use evidence in their work, and stay up to date with the latest evidence.

Key Features

  • Written specifically for physiotherapists, with physiotherapy examples throughout
  • Clear explanations, research terminology explained
  • Suitable for all levels of expertise - highlighted critical points and text box summaries (basic), detailed explanations in text (intermediate) and footnotes (advanced)
  • Detailed strategies for searching physiotherapy-relevant databases, including the DiTA database
  • Extensive consideration of clinical practice guidelines
  • Emerging methods such as stepped-wedge trials, network meta-analysis, mixed methods reviews and process evaluations
  • Widely referenced throughout


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