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Practical Paediatric Prescribing, How to Prescribe the Most Common Drugs

Practical Paediatric Prescribing, 
How to Prescribe the Most Common Drugs
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ISBN: 9780702076121
Anul publicarii: 2020
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Prescribing for children is problematic. Children are not small adults in terms of their physiology, and they cannot be subjects in clinical trials. This makes prescribing for them something of an art and a daunting one at that for trainees. Will Carroll (co-editor of the Illustrated Textbook of Paediatrics amongst other titles for paediatrics trainees) with a team of fellow paediatricians and a hospital pharmacist have sought to demystify prescribing for children. The team has identified what from their experience are the most common drugs prescribed to children and have addressed each one. This book is the result: a succinct, portable reference, modelled closely on Hitchings et al.: The Top 100 Drugs.

Key Features
  • Layout as for the highly successful Top 100 Drugs.
  • User-friendly double-page-spread approach.
  • Written in conjunction with a hospital pharmacist for drug expertise.
  • Each drug entry preceded by a clinical overview in consistent headings; Why and when; Absorption; Biology.
  • Each drug presented in consistent categories: Clearance; Dosing; Administration; Side effects and interactions; Monitoring and Cost.
  • Helpful visual flags for alerts etc.


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