Practice of Clinical Echocardiography
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Practice of Clinical Echocardiography

Practice of Clinical Echocardiography
ISBN: 9780323401258
Publishing year: 2017
Edition: 5
Pages: 1024
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The new edition of Practice of Clinical Echocardiography provides expert guidance on interpreting echocardiographic images and Doppler flow data. Designed for those already equipped with a mastery of basic principles, this definitive reference shows you how to apply these findings to your daily clinical decision making. Each chapter focuses on a specific disease process with technical details of qualitative and quantitative interpretation of echocardiographic images and Doppler flow data.

Key Features
  • Disease-oriented chapters emphasize the role of echocardiography in clinical decision making and prediction of clinical outcomes.
  • New chapters cover emerging technologies, including transcatheter procedures for structural heart disease.
  • Numerous images illustrate findingswhile diagrams explain pathophysiology and flow charts guide clinical practice.
  • Each chapter includes a summary box with a practical approach to echo data acquisition, measurement, and interpretation.
  • Expert Consult digital book for your phone and tablet is included at no cost with the print book.
  • Echo images play in real time when clicked on your smart device or online.


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