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Preventive Cardiology, A Practical Approach

Preventive Cardiology, A Practical Approach
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Anul publicarii: 2005
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PREVENTIVE CARDIOLOGY is the premier source of clinically relevant information on the prevention of coronary heart disease. Thoroughly updated by international experts, the book discusses screening, risk factors, prevention in special populations, and primary and secondary prevention in the context of the daily practice of medicine. PREVENTIVE CARDIOLOGY is a "must have" for cardiologists and primary care physicians.
Review of the first edition: "Excellent...Structured in a way that invites the reader to use it as a comprehensive reference...The combination of theory and guidelines with a practical approach to the patient at risk for cardiovascular diseases is a strength." The New England Journal of Medicine


Part I. Epidemiology
1. Global Cardiovascular Risk Evaluation
2. National and International Trends in Cardiovascular Disease: Incidence and Risk Factors
Part II. Screening for Cardiovascular Risk and Subclinical Disease
3. Noninvasive Ultrasonographic Assessment of Cardiovascular Disease: Carotid Ultrasonography, Brachial Artery Reactivity Testing, and Echocardiography
4. Surrogate Measures of Atherosclerosis: Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and Ankle-Brachial Index
Part III. Risk Factors: Evidence, Assessment, and Intervention
5. Tobacco Use, Passive Smoking, and Smoking Cessation Interventions
6. Family History and Genetic Factors
7. Hypertension
8. Dyslipidemia
9. Diabetes and the Metabolic Syndrome
10. Obesity, Weight Control, and Cardiovascular Disease
11. Nutrition and Cardiovascular Disease Prevention
12. Physical Activity
13. Thrombosis, Inflammation, and Infection
14.Psychosocial Factors and Cardiovascular Disease Prevention
Part IV. Preventing Heart Disease in Special Populations
15. Children and Adolescents
16. Preventive Cardiology for Women
17. Seniors
18.Cardiovascular Disease Prevention in African Americans
19. CVD Prevention in Hispanic Americans
20. East Asians, and South Asians, and Asian and Pacific-Islander Americans
21. Native Americans
Part V. Comprehensive Approaches to Prevention
22: Primary Prevention
23. Secondary Prevention
24. Naturoceuticals and Other Complementary Therapies in the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease
25. Establishing a Preventive Cardiology Program
26. Implementation of Preventive Cardiology Guidelines


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