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Principles of Geriatric Critical Care

Principles of Geriatric Critical Care
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The proportion of the population of octogenarians and elderly patients presenting for intensive care is rapidly increasing thus exacerbating the need to modify our critical care management to cater for this patient group. This book will provide practical guidance on all issues related to the critical care of elderly patients, incorporating physiological and epidemiological information, clinical guidance, ethical and end-of-life issues and advice about optimal use of drugs and new technologies. Complications of polypharmacy, high-risk surgery and increased recovery times are also discussed. Chapters are concise, each including a list of key points and summary of available data, making this a quick reference for experienced consultants, as well as a useful resource for trainees preparing for exams.

  • The book has no direct competition, making it a one of a kind reference text for the market
  • Responds to a timely need for a specialised guide to the care of the elderly
  • Will educate clinicians in the benefits of newer technologies and management concepts to advance the care of the elderly

Table of Contents

1. Epidemiology of critical illness in the elderly Kristin Oliveira and Linda L. Maerz
2. Chronic critical illness in geriatric patients Amit Bardia and Shamsuddin Akhtar
3. Principles of geriatric pharmacotherapy John W. Devlin and Jeffrey F. Barletta
4. Respiratory critical care in the elderly Jonathan M. Siner and Margaret A. Pisani
5. Neurocognitive dysfunction and geriatric neuro-critical care Tracy J. McGrance, Pratik P. Pandharipande and Christopher G. Hughes
6. Geriatric cardiovascular critical care Ronald Pauldine
7. Nutritional and metabolic derangements in critically ill elderly Arturo G. Torres, Sasha Grek and Brenda G. Fahy
8. Electrolyte and renal disorders in the critically ill elderly Susan T. Crowley
9. Trauma and musculoskeletal system dysfunction in the critically ill elderly population Felix Y. Lui and Kimberley A. Davis
10. Immune response and infections in the elderly Nicole Bryan and Arif R. Sarwari
11. Transfusion therapy and common haematological problems in critically ill elderly patients Aryeh Shander, Faraz Syed and Mazyar Javidroozi
12. Stress response to surgery in the elderly Nazish K. Hashmi and Mihai V. Podgoreanu
13. Perioperative care of geriatric patients at risk of developing critical illness Andrea Tsai and Ruben J. Azocar
14. Ethical issues: withdrawing, withholding and futility Gail A. Van Norman
14. Geriatric critical care units: model for interdisciplinary approach Steven R. Allen and Lewis J. Kaplan


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