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Professional Guide to Pathophysiology

Professional Guide to Pathophysiology
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Stressed and confused about pathophysiology? Time to develop your mastery: The newly updated Professional Guide to Pathophysiology, 4th Edition, is the go-to comprehensive guide that explains more than 400 disorders across all body systems — from causes, symptoms and diagnosis to treatment and special considerations.

The ideal on-the-unit reference, certification exam review or backup to classroom materials, this is the expert-at-your-side support that both new and experienced nurses, and students at all levels of nursing study, cannot do without.
Empower your pathophysiology knowledge with this foundational, irreplaceable reference:
  • NEW content on both normal physiology and disease states
  • Easy-to-follow, consistent template that makes finding vital information quick and easy — combines the best features of a disease reference with the best features of a full-color atlas
  • Small keep-it-handy size that is ideal for on-the-spot reference
  • Illustrations, algorithms, tables and text boxes such as Closer Look images and Prevention, Disease Block and Multisystem Disorder icons that clarify pathophysiological processes and anatomy, demonstrating difficult concepts
  • Offers current top-level findings on:
    • Foundational knowledge — normal cellular physiology, followed by the pathologic deviations of disease
    • Cancer, infection, and fluid and electrolytes
    • Genetics — cellular/DNA components and functions, as well as tests, treatments, and care considerations for genetic abnormalities
    • Diseases and disorders particular to each body system — chapters organized by body system
    • Less common disorders
    Disease entries that offer the pathophysiologic foundations and rationale behind focused assessments, offering causes, signs and symptoms, complications, diagnostic tests, treatment, and special considerations
  • Chapter features that emphasize important concepts and differences among disorders and among patient populations, for accurate assessments and treatments: Genetic Link, Age Alert, Clinical Alert, Life-Threatening Disorder and Confirming Diagnosis
  • Expert guidance and practical insights on providing e ffective care for both common and less common disorders
  • Excellent reference for studies and research in pathology, pathophysiology, and physiology — helpful for creating nursing care plans
  • Concise, detailed explanations of all major diseases — reinforces and clarifies classroom teachings
  • Easy-to-read, easy-to-retain information that translates easily from student text to must-have professional reference, offering students and new nurses the self-assurance to offer high-level care


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