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Protocol Handbook for Cancer Biology

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Anul publicarii: 2021
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Protocol Handbook for Cancer Biology comprehensively brings together all the methods used for cancer assessment, diagnostics and therapeutics. Various protocols are discussed, along with alternative strategies, advantages and limitations of techniques that have been used in labs globally and are presented by experts based on their real-world experience. The book discusses topics such as cell viability and apoptotic assays for cancer detection, high throughput cell-based screening methods for cancer drug discovery, assays and protocols to evaluate tumor angiogenesis and detect cancer metastasis, and isolation and characterization of cancer stem cells.

In addition, it explains the role of nanotechnology in cancer therapy, tumor imaging and the radiological protocols used for diagnosis and treatment. This is a valuable source for cancer researchers and graduate students that will find all types of protocols used in laboratories to help fasten their research and create a positive impact on their results.

  • Presents comprehensive protocols used for cancer assessment, diagnostics and therapeutics in one place
  • Encompasses alternative strategies, considering the requirements of the end user and taking into consideration diverse research settings
  • Discusses the limitations and advantages of each method in experimental design and execution that can save time during the research process

Table of Contents

1. Overview of Cancer assessment, diagnostics and therapeutics
2. Cell viability and Apoptotic assays for cancer detection
3. High throughput cell-based screening methods for cancer drug discovery
4. Assays to Evaluate Tumor Angiogenesis
5. Assays and protocols for the detection of cancer metastasis
6. Histopathology based cancer detection methods
7. Isolation and characterization of cancer stem cells (CSCs)
8. Nanotechnology in Cancer Therapy: Cerium Oxide Nanomaterials as Cancer Therapeutics Agents
9. Radiobiology and Principles of Radiotherapy Planning
10. Tumour Imaging and standard radiological protocols used for diagnosis and treatment


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