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Psychiatric Interviewing and Assessment

Psychiatric Interviewing and Assessment
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Interviewing and assessment are integral to the practice of psychiatry, and this book helps psychiatrists and other mental health professionals develop the skills needed to gain the right information to make diagnostic formulations and build therapeutic relationships with their patients. The text examines common dilemmas and problems in an engaging and accessible way, and the use of case studies relates the principles discussed to identifiable psychiatric settings. This new edition has been revised and expanded to reflect changes in clinical practice in recent years. New chapters have been added covering the assessment of neurodevelopmental disorders, fragmented interviews and 'impossible' clinical situations such as the assessment of intoxicated patients and rhetorical interviews. Essential reading for all mental health professionals, the practical grounding in real-world clinical experience will benefit trainee psychiatrists, experienced clinicians, nurses, social workers and physician associates.

  • Clinical examples give real-world context to the principles discussed, enabling easy application of the information in a practical way
  • Covers a wide range of clinical practice and mental disorders, making this a comprehensive text providing information on all essential aspects of psychiatric interviewing and assessment
  • Examines dilemmas in everyday practice and is concerned with clinical skills and professional behaviour, helping the reader to find ways of resolving real problems while avoiding common pitfalls in clinical interviews and professional relationships

Table of Contents

Part I. What Am I Trying to Find Out Here?:
1. Diagnosis
2. History
3. Mental state examination and psychopathology
4. Cognitive state examination and organic disease
Part II. The Main Principles of One-to-One Interviewing:
5. Office-based psychiatric assessment
6. Understanding and managing relationships with patients
Part III. Difficult Interviews:
7. Difficulties relating to psychosis
8. Unpopular patients
Part IV. Self-Awareness:
9. Values and beliefs
10. Culture
11. Who should I be?
Part V. Complicated Interviews:
12. Interviewing with other team members
13. Interviewing families and other informants
14. In the community
15. Fragmented interviewing and assessment
16. 'Impossible' assessments
Part VI. Developmental Assessments:
17. Neurodevelopmental assessment
18. Personality
Part VII. Drawing it All Together:
19. Risk and safety
20. Record keeping and reports.


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