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Psychotherapy for Bipolar Disorders An Integrative Approach

Psychotherapy for Bipolar Disorders
An Integrative Approach
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ISBN: 9781108460095
Anul publicarii: 2020
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While medication is hugely important in treating bipolar disorders, an integrated approach which utilizes psychological treatments can target some aspects that medication alone cannot reach. A comprehensive review of evidence-based psychological treatments is provided, followed by practical information on psychoeducation for patients and family members, healthy lifestyle promotion, mindfulness-based interventions and cognitive and functional remediation, as they represent the basis on which the integrative approach is developed. The second half of the book provides examples of sessions of integrative therapy, which can be shared with patients themselves, enhancing the effectiveness of applying the treatment. Psychotherapy for Bipolar Disorders: An Integrative Approach offers a brief but multi-component treatment framework that can also be implemented in non-specialized health centres. This approach may greatly improve the well-being and quality of life of people with bipolar disorders. This accessible text is an essential resource for psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and any healthcare provider working in mental healthcare.

  • Provides a new integrative approach to psychological treatments for bipolar disorder which can target some aspects medication alone can't reach
  • Practical examples of treatment sessions can aid both clinicians and patients alike, enhancing the effectiveness of treatments
  • Specialized treatment programmes have been distilled down to become accessible for daily practice in non-specialized centers


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