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Rapid Audiogram Interpretation: A Clinician's Manual

Rapid Audiogram Interpretation: A Clinician's Manual
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Rapid Audiogram Interpretation: A Clinician's Manual provides a methodical, step-by-step approach for interpreting audiograms. Training and experienced clinicians, as well as non-audiologists in related fields, will benefit from this unique workbook and easy-to-remember interpretation process.

The manual includes audiogram examples on a varying level of complexity (basic, intermediate, and advanced), accompanied by official interpretations, matching the specific interpretation method recommended by the authors. This specific interpretation process allows the reader to learn the method and apply it to every future audiogram interpretation, making it an invaluable resource.

Otolaryngology trainees (graduate medical students, residents, fellows) are expected to have a working knowledge of audiogram interpretation, however, few, if any, have direct lectures or mentored clinical experiences designed to provide this knowledge within their first few years of training. This resource fills that gap and provides a means for beginners to master interpretation of the audiogram. It also serves as a general review for more experienced clinicians.

Key Features

  • Includes 65 audiogram examples!
  • Uses an 8-step method that can be easily learned and universally applied to future audiogram interpretations
  • A searchable index by diagnosis for each audiogram aids the learner in seeing disease-specific examples
  • Spiral-bound format allows readers to easily test themselves on audiogram and interpretation examples
  • Blank interpretation sheets for audiogram practice
  • Includes a Glossary for quick reference of key terms
  • Written by otolaryngologists and an audiologist for comprehensive expertise and coverage

Rapid Audiogram Interpretation will also be helpful for students and professionals in related fields, such as audiology, speech-language pathology, and deaf/hard of hearing education.




Introduction to Our Method


Section 1: Pure Tone Audiometry

            Step 1: Assess for Hearing Loss

            Step 2: Determine the Type of Hearing Loss

            Step 3: Check if the Audiogram Fits a Classic Pattern


Section 2: Speech Audiometry

Step 4: Compare Speech Thresholds to Pure Tone Audiometry

Step 5: Assess Word Recognition Scores


Section 3: Immittance Testing

            Step 6: Determine Tympanometry Type

            Step 7: Check Ear Canal Volume

            Step 8: Evaluate Acoustic Reflexes


Section 4: Audiogram Workbook

Quick Reference Guide to the Method

            Basic Audiograms

            Intermediate Audiograms

            Advanced Audiograms


Appendix A: Audiogram Index by Diagnosis

Appendix B: Bedside Hearing Tests

Appendix C: Other Audiometric Tests

Appendix D: Common Audiologic Acronyms

Blank Interpretation Sheets




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