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Rapid Response Events in the Critically Ill, A Case-Based Approach to Inpatient Medical Emergencies

Rapid Response Events in the Critically Ill,
A Case-Based Approach to Inpatient Medical Emergencies
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Anul publicarii: 2023
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Careful monitoring of at-risk patients, early intervention, and timely escalation to the critical care unit from a general ward has been shown to improve patient clinical outcomes. The first text of its kind in this important area, Rapid Response Events in the Critically Ill: A Case-Based Approach to Inpatient Medical Emergencies is designed to help you recognize the fundamental signs of deterioration in patients on medical wards and ensure that transfer is made to the ICU before the development of adverse clinical outcomes. Using a highly effective teaching approach preferred by both residents and fellows, this innovative text links theory to practice with a brief review of clinical cases sourced from various academic centers. 

Key Features

  • Presents 62 real-world clinical cases that demonstrate the principles of diagnosis and therapy, helping you develop a thorough understanding of how to diagnose and treat each condition. 

  • Provides practical clinical insights into the best methods to improve patient safety and quality of care through the rapid identification and clinical intervention of hospitalized patients suffering acute deterioration. 

  • Emphasizes how to identify and manage problems in a way that integrates theory and clinical experience. 

  • Cases contain an algorithmic flow chart for rapid decision-making reference, clinical pearls on diagnosis and management, and a consistent format for quick and easy access to key information. 

  • Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices. 


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