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Regulatory T cells and Autoimmune Diseases

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Anul publicarii: 2024
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Regulatory T Cells and Autoimmune Diseases addresses recent findings concerning the role of Tregs in the pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases as well as their therapeutic applications. In particular, this book deals with various Treg-based mechanisms that can lead to autoimmune disease and covers different aspects linking Tregs with autoimmune mechanisms involved in disease development by discussing animal models and human studies.

This book specifically focuses on Treg-based therapeutics and their targets to manage all known autoimmune rheumatic, central nervous system, bowel, liver, thyroid, kidney, myopathic, skin, blood and blood vessel, and eye diseases and aims to provide a must-have reference for designing therapeutic strategies to treat these autoimmune diseases. Additionally, this book covers vaccine-induced effects on the functioning of Tregs and development of CAR Treg therapy for autoimmune diseases and concludes with current challenges and future prospects of Treg-based therapeutics. This book is carefully designed to meet the requirements of both basic and advanced researchers in the area and provide new dimensions and insight into regulatory T cells’ role in autoimmune disease pathogenesis and therapy.


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