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Rehabilitation Methodology and Strategies A Study Guide for Physiotherapists

Rehabilitation Methodology and Strategies
A Study Guide for Physiotherapists
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Anul publicarii: 2022
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  • Compares various rehabilitation strategies

  • Develops the knowledge of physiotherapy

  • Provides an easy description with a scientific language, thus being useful for students and for professionals

This book explores rehabilitation methodology in Evidence Based Medicine (EBM), providing a description of the main traditional strategies used by physiotherapists.

It supplies both physiotherapists and students with updated information on scientific professional choices for the patient’s benefit by collecting traditional knowledge and trying to answer a fundamental question: is there an objective way of rehabilitating patients by using traditional concepts at the light of new evidences?

Every physiotherapist experiences the need of updating his knowledge and professional actions. Research can help but personal experience remains fundamental for clinical reasoning.

The book examines rehabilitation strategies, main rehabilitation techniques, as well as scientific practice and suggestions stemming from research.

The various rehabilitation strategies and techniques converge in the daily work becoming the basis for operative choices finalized to solve the patient's needs.

Methodology characterizes the work of a physiotherapist who should take care of his scientific education by means of effective teaching plans, educational rules and ethic professional code.

This book will be a useful tool for physiotherapy students but also for professionals.


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