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Respiratory Emergencies

Respiratory Emergencies
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Anul publicarii: 2006
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This comprehensive, but practical, reference is an informative guide to the management of acute respiratory problems in the hospital setting. Evaluation of the patient with breathing difficulties is often challenging, since the differential diagnosis is broad and the use of the wrong treatment can exacerbate the problem. This book helps the practising clinician to recognize both common and more unusual causes of respiratory distress in a patient, and assists them in making the correct diagnosis by enhancing their understanding of the application and significance of tests of pulmonary function and pulmonary imaging studies and through improved knowledge of the underlying physiology of acute and chronic respiratory failure that underpins clinical practice in this area. To enhance this 'bench to bedside' approach, authors illustrate their material with helpful management algorithms, and each chapter will conclude with a summary of key points.

* Authoritative 'one stop shop' for the practising clinician covering all aspects of respiratory emergencies
* Offers practical solutions to aid rapid diagnosis and concentrates on current treatment approaches with a sound evidence base
* Integrates current understanding of molecular biology and pathophysiology into clinical practice and patient care
* International in approach

Table of Contents:
A. Fein, S. Kamholz & D. Ost (Eds)
I. Pathophysiology
PMA Calverley, Aintree Chest Centre, Liverpool
Ivan McMurtry, PhD, Univ Colorado
Martin Tobin
A. Grassino
Peter Walker
Kevin Kovitz, Tulane Univ. Med Ctr.
C. Roussos
Roy Brauer, Johns Hopkins
Rakesh Shah
Praveen Mathur, Indiana Univ Med Ctr
R. Loddenkemper
Gulane PJ, Toronto, Canada
A. Torres, Barcelona
Timothy Evans
Sharma, UCLA
Haponik, Johns Hopkins
B. Krieger
Peter Hackett, Univ Colorado
Dorothy White, Memorial Sloan Kettering
John Heffner
Rudy Lackner
Victor Tapson
Michael Lippman
Marvin Schwartz, Univ Colorado
Stanley Katz
Nazarino Gali, Italy
Jill Karpel, NSUH
NM Siafakias, Univ Hospital of Heraklion
Marquette, Lille, France
d. Aspiration syndromes
T. Higenbottam
C. Mayaud
G. Semenzato
Lisa Moores, Walter Reed Med Ctr


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