Review of Ophthalmology
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Review of Ophthalmology

PRP: 420,00 lei
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ISBN: 9780323794183
Anul publicarii: 2023
Ediția: 4
Pagini: 464


Quickly master what you need to know in all subspecialty areas of ophthalmology, including the latest information on today’s standard diagnostic techniques, medical treatments, and surgical options. Review of Ophthalmology, 4th Edition, is designed to maximize easy retention and quick recall, distilling key information into highly relevant and easy-to-digest bullet points. This bestselling review tool offers an efficient, convenient way to grasp complex material and prepare for your exams with confidence. 

Key Features

  • Covers the most important and relevant aspects of each topic in a concise, bulleted format for easy recall and effective exam preparation. 

  • Provides thoroughly revised content in every chapter, with extensive updates on new imaging standards and diagnosis and treatment for eye disorders. 

  • Offers access to hundreds of interactive multiple-choice questions and answers online, with dozens of questions new to this edition. 

  • Contains more ocular diseases, classification systems, study results, imaging modalities, optical principles, and additional topics to keep you current with recent changes in the field. 

  • Highlights the text with hundreds of clinical and histological images, OCT and other current imaging methods, detailed anatomic illustrations, common ophthalmic test findings, and more. 

  • Presents the findings of key clinical studies with which you are expected to be familiar and includes additional mnemonic devices throughout to aid in effective study and recall. 


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