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Rix's Expert Psychiatric Evidence

Rix's Expert Psychiatric Evidence
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ISBN: 9781911623687
Anul publicarii: 2021
Ediția: 2
Pagini: 438


Rix's Expert Psychiatric Evidence is a resource manual and guide for psychiatrists who provide expert testimony. It covers the entire expert psychiatric witness journey, from training and negotiation of instructions, through medicolegal assessment, report preparation, experts' meetings and joint statements, and conferences with counsel, to giving evidence in court along with advice on keeping up to date. Introductory chapters include essential information on the law of expert evidence and the different procedures in the criminal, civil, family and coroners' courts. It now includes in depth information on all eight jurisdictions of the British Isles. It is richly illustrated with reported and unreported cases including many important ones from the previous ten years, particularly relating to vulnerable witnesses and defendants. The book is supplemented by a library of online letters, forms, a new format report template and other documents which can be downloaded and adapted by readers for their own use.


  • All relevant case law, statute law, procedure, rules and guidance are together in a single volume, meaning readers won't need to look elsewhere for further information
  • Packed with practical guidance, readers will quickly be able to write reports that have maximum impact in assisting the administration of justice
  • Addresses the interface between psychiatry and the law
  • Will be of value to both the experienced and the novice witness


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