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Rook's Dermatology Handbook

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Anul publicarii: 2022
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The reliable quick-reference guide to clinical dermatology 

Rook's Dermatology Handbook condenses a wealth of clinical expertise into its accessible, user-friendly guide to the diagnosis and management of dermatological disorders. With its contents carefully selected from the much-respected Rook’s Textbook of Dermatology, this invaluable resource combines precise explanations with visual aids and a concise, quick-reference format to create an everyday tool for practitioners and students alike. This innovative new text:

  • Provides quick answers to clinical questions in one concise and practical volume
  • Collates and condenses selections from the acclaimed Rook’s Textbook of Dermatology   
  • Features helpful illustrations that allow visualization of the clinical features of dermatological conditions   
  • Highlights essential information with easy-to-navigate tables, charts, and algorithms
  • Includes investigations and management sections to help provide the best possible patient care  
  • Offers access to a complementary companion website 

Rook’s Textbook of Dermatology has been the trusted companion of dermatologists the world over for four decades. Rook's Dermatology Handbook builds upon this reputation by making the clinical practice of dermatology more accessible and immediate than ever before.



Acknowledgements, xxx

Preface, xxx

Glossary / Abbreviations xxx

1 Introduction

2 Introduction to Dermatological Therapeutics

Part 1 Infections and Infestations

3 Viral Infections

4 Bacterial Infections and sexually transmitted bacterial diseases

5 Mycobacterial infections

6 HIV and the Skin

7 Fungal Infections

8 Parasitic diseases

9 Arthropods

Part 2 Inflammatory Dermatoses

10 Psoriasis

11 Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris

12 Lichen Planus and Lichenoid Disorders

13 Graft-versus-host Disease

14 Eczematous Disorders

15 Seborrhoeic Dermatitis

16 Atopic Eczema

17 Urticaria

18 Mastocytosis

19 Reactive Inflammatory Erythemas

20 Behçet Disease

21 Neutrophilic Dermatoses

22 Immunobullous Diseases

23 Lupus Erythematosus

24 Dermatomyositis

25 Sclerosis and morphoea

Part 3 Metabolic and Nutritional Disorders Affecting the Skin

26 Cutaneous Amyloidoses

27 Cutaneous Mucinoses

28 Porphyrias

29 Nutritional Disorders Affecting the Skin

Part 4 Genetic Disorders Involving the Skin

30 Inherited Disorders of Epidermal Keratinization

31 Acquired and inherited hair disorders

32 Acquired and Inherited Disorders of Pigmentation

33 Epidermolysis bullosa

34 Genetic Disorders of Collagen, Elastin and Dermal Matrix

35 Disorders affecting Cutaneous Vasculature

36 Congenital Naevi

37 DNA Repair Disorders with Cutaneous Features

38 Hamartoneoplastic Syndromes

39 Inherited metabolic disorders

40 Pruritus and Prurigo

41 Mucocutaneous Pain Syndromes

42 Psychodermatology

Part 5 Skin Disorders Associated with Specific Cutaneous Structure

43 Acquired Disorders of Epidermal Keratinization

44 Acne

45 Rosacea, Flushing & Blushing

46 Hidradenitis Suppurativa

47 Disorders of the Sweat Glands

48 Acquired and Inherited Nail Disorders

49 Acquired Disorders of Dermal Connective Tissue

50 Sarcoidosis and Granulomatous Skin Disorders

51 Panniculitis

52 Lipodystrophies and Other Acquired Disorders of Subcutaneous Fat

Part 6 Vascular Disorders Involving the Skin

53 Purpura

54 Vasculitis

55 Dermatoses Resulting from Disorders of the Arteries and Veins

56 Ulceration Resulting from Disorders of the Veins and Arteries

57 Disorders of the Lymphatic Vessels

Part 7 Skin Disorders Associated with Specific Sites, Sex and Age

58 Dermatoses of the External Ear

59 Disorders of the Lips and Mouth

60 Dermatoses of the eye and eyelids

61 Dermatoses of Ano-Genital Skin

62 Dermatoses Occurring in Pregnancy

63 Dermatoses of Neonates

64 Dermatoses of Infants

65 Infantile & Congenital Haemangiomas

Part 8 Skin Disorders Caused by External Agents

66 Cutaneous Adverse Reactions to Drugs and Radiotherapy

67 Dermatoses Caused by Cold and Heat

68 Photodermatoses

69 Contact Dermatitis

Part 9 Neoplastic, Proliferative and Infiltrative Disorders Affecting the Skin

70 Benign Melanocytic Proliferations and Melanocytic Naevi

71 Benign Keratinocytic Acanthomas and Proliferations

72 Cutaneous Cysts

73 Lymphocytic Infiltrates

74 Cutaneous Histiocytoses

75 Soft-tissue Tumours and Tumour-like Conditions

76 Tumours of Skin Appendages

77 Kaposi Sarcoma

78 Cutaneous Lymphomas

79 Basal Cell Carcinoma

80 Squamous Cell carcinoma, its precursors and skin cancer in the immunocompromised patient

81 Melanoma

82 Dermoscopy of Melanoma and Naevi

83 Merkel Cell Carcinoma

84 Cutaneous Markers of Internal Malignancy

Part 10 Systemic Disease and the Skin

85 The Skin and Systemic Diseases

86 Acute Dermatoses

87 Differential Diagnosis

88 Drugs in Dermatology

Index, xxx


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