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Sciatica and Piriformis Syndrome

Sciatica and Piriformis Syndrome
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ISBN: 9781905367849
Anul publicarii: 2020
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This book reveals the real cause of sciatica pain and how you can treat it simply and effectively at home.  Do you suffer from back pain that radiates out into your legs?  You are not alone. Roughly one in three people suffers from the same.  Traditionally, doctors automatically suspect a slipped disc but intervertebral discs aren’t always to blame.  In many cases, there is an infection in the piriformis muscles that presses on the sciatica nerve that is causing the pain.  If piriformis syndrome is recognised early, it can be much more precisely and effectively treated than, for instance, a slipped disc. Even simple stretching poses have proven astonishingly effective.

Sports editor Nicolai Napolski, who knows from his own experience how painful piriformis syndrome can be, has come together with sports therapist and personal trainer Katharina Brinkmann to write the first guidebook covering this condition in a clear and concise manner.  Not only have the authors collected the most important information regarding the background and development of piriformis syndrome, but they have also created their very own training concept that introduces simple and effective techniques which can be used to stretch the shortened muscles, strengthen the pelvic girdle and correct posture problems. In the expert interview with Dr. Torsten Pfitzer, a therapist for osteopathy and spine specialist, you can also find out how you can prevent the illness so that pain doesn’t occur in the first place.

Learn how you can treat piriformis syndrome yourself so that you can quickly put your pain behind you.


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