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Short Scar Face Lift, The MACS-Lift, Centrofacial Rejuvenation Three Volume Set

Short Scar Face Lift, The MACS-Lift, Centrofacial Rejuvenation Three Volume Set
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ISBN: 9781684200450
Anul publicarii: 2017
Pagini: 1113, 2805 illus.


This three-book set explains cutting-edge techniques that combat facial aging and rejuvenate the face. From the internationally renowned Belgian surgeons who perfected these procedures, the books walk plastic, aesthetic, maxillofacial, and head and neck surgeons through these safe and effective techniques. Step-by-step technique descriptions, lavish color photographs and illustrations, and operative videos accompany the discussion within each of these essential texts.

The most recent volume, Centrofacial Rejuvenation, examines the detrimental effects of volume loss and reduced skin surface quality in the aging face. With a primary focus on the midface region, this book describes SNIF and nanofat grafting techniques that offer a more natural facial rejuvenation result and have longer stability. This book’s innovative approaches include methods of preparing the fat tissue to offer a better survival of the fat particles and to eliminate the need for overcorrection.

The highly popular The MACS-Lift: Short-Scar Rhytidectomy focuses on the MACS-lift, a full face lift which can be performed as a two-hour outpatient procedure. Most MACS-lift patients resume normal activity within two weeks of receiving this remarkably effective technique. An entirely minimal surgery, this safe procedure can be used in conjunction with laser resurfacing and other facial cosmetic procedures in addition to overall resulting in a shorter scar, reduced morbidity, and few complications.

Short-Scar Face Lift: Operative Strategies and Techniques remains relevant through its rounded approach to short-scar face lift procedures. With expanded technical indications, the editors elaborate various aspects of the MACS-lift and of short-scar face lifts. Their expanded perspective includes the important lessons they have learned during years of experience, alternative short-scar face lift procedures, and ancillary short-scar techniques for facial rejuvenation.


  • Case videos and extensive video demonstrations of surgical technique
  • Discussion of ancillary and secondary procedures that accompany these techniques
  • Technical tips and tricks as well as complications, problems, and limitations
  • Groundbreaking approaches that include nanofat grafting, chemical peels in the midface, SNIF technique, and more
  • Abundant full-color illustrations in all volumes


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