Simon's Emergency Orthopedics
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Simon's Emergency Orthopedics

Simon's Emergency Orthopedics
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ISBN: 9781259860829
Anul publicarii: 2019
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The emergency physician's most trusted reference for handling orthopedic injuries and disorders in the ED
Written by and for emergency physicians, Simon’s Emergency Orthopedics is the leading reference for handling all types of musculoskeletal emergencies. This heavily illustrated, full-color resource focuses on radiographic diagnosis, acute management, and discharge of the patient with a pulled muscle, torn ligament, fracture, or other skeletal trauma.  
The format represents the ideal integration of text and images, allowing clinicians to actually see what they are reading about. The concise text tells readers everything they need to know about the mechanisms of action along with recommended imaging studies, treatment guidelines, and possible complications.
• Online videos demonstrate injections, arthrocentesis, reduction techniques, and more • Provides authoritative, evidence-based information in a practical, clinically relevant manner• The text is logically organized into four parts: Orthopedic Principles and Management, The Spine, Upper Extremities, and Lower Extremities• Enhanced by more than 1, 400 illustrations, including new photographs and radiographs [• Fractures are categorized according to degree of complexity, treatment modality, and prognosis• The only fracture index of its kind helps clinicians rapidly navigate the text to find pertinent information• Axioms throughout provide best practices for emergency care• The Appendix describes and illustrates the steps involved in placing a particular type of splint


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