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Skin Diseases of the Dog and Cat: Clinical and Histopathologic Diagnosis, e-Book

Skin Diseases of the Dog and Cat: Clinical and Histopathologic Diagnosis, e-Book
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ISBN: 978-0-632-06452-6
Anul publicarii: 2005
Pagini: 944
Format: e-Book


Diagnosis is often the most challenging part of dermatology. Diagnostic dermatology melds both clinical and histopathologic diagnosis by correlating the clinical and microscopic features of skin disease. This book is a heavily illustrated comprehensive overview of clinical dermatology and dermatopathology that will provide the reader with the tools to accurately diagnose skin disease in the dog and cat.

The book will prove an indispensable reference for veterinary dermatologists, diagnostic pathologists, and small animal practitioners who seek to improve their skill in diagnostic dermatology.

* Completely revised second edition, with many new disease descriptions

* Now with colour clinical photographs illustrating all of the non-neoplastic skin diseases (previous edition had black and white photographs only)

* Written by internationally renowned experts, it provides a comprehensive overview of clinical dermatology and dermatopathology for all those interested in skin diseases of dogs and cats.

SECTION ONE: INFLAMMATORY, DYSPLASTIC AND DEGENERATIVE DISEASES. PART I DISEASES OF THE EPIDERMIS: 1 Pustular Diseases of the Epidermis; 2 Bullous and Acantholytic Diseases of the Epidermis and the Dermal-Epidermal Junction; 3 Interface Diseases of the Dermal-Epidermal Junction; 4 Necrotizing Diseases of the Epidermis; 5 Spongiotic and Vesicular Diseases of the Epidermis; Ulcerative and Exudative Diseases of the Epidermis; Hyperplastic Diseases of the Epidermis; Diseases with Abnormal Cornification. PART II DISEASES OF THE DERMIS: 9 Perivascular Diseases of the Dermis; 10 Vascular Diseases of the Dermis; 11 Lichenoid Diseases of the Dermis; 12 Infectious Nodular and Diffuse Granulomatous and Pyrogranulomatous Diseases of the Dermis; 13 Noninfectious Nodular and Diffuse Granulomatous and Pyrogranulomatous Diseases of the Dermis; 14 Nodular and Diffuse Diseases of the Dermis with Prominent Eosinophils, Neutrophils or Plasma Cells; 15 Degenerative, Dysplastic and Depositional Diseases of Dermal Connective Tissue. PART III DISEASES OF THE ADNEXA: 16 Pustular and Nodular Diseases without Adnexal Destruction; 17 Pustular and Nodular Diseases with Adnexal Destruction; 18 Mural Diseases of the Hair Follicle; 19 Atrophic Diseases of the Adnexa; 20 Dysplastic Diseases of the Adnexa. PART IV DISEASES OF THE PANNICULUS: Diseases of the Panniculus. SECTION TWO: NEOPLASMS AND OTHER TUMORS. PART I EPITHELIAL NEOPLAMS AND OTHER TUMORS: 22 Epidermal Tumors; 23 Follicular Tumors; Sebaceous Tumors; Sweat Gland Tumors; Nailbed Epithelial Tumors. PART II MESENCHYMAL NEOPLASMS AND OTHER TUMORS: 27 Fibrous Tumors; 28 Vascular Tumors; 29 Perivascular Tumors; 30 Lipocytic Tumors; 31 Smooth Muscle and Skeletal Muscle Tumors; 32 Neural and Perineural Tumors; 33 Other Mesenchymal Tumors; 34 Melanocytic Tumors; 35 Histiocytic Tumors; 36 Mast Cell Tumors; 37 Lymphocytic Tumors.


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