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Sleep Disorders An Algorithmic Approach to Differential Diagnosis

Sleep Disorders
An Algorithmic Approach to Differential Diagnosis
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ISBN: 978-3-030-65301-9
Anul publicarii: 2021
Pagini: 284
Format: hardcover
Categoria: NEUROLOGY


This book reviews and discusses the differential diagnoses for the common sleep related complaints encountered in sleep and primary care clinics. It meets the market need for a book that covers differential diagnosis in sleep medicine, and does so in a comprehensive manner.

Organized into two sections by age demographic, adult and pediatric, clinical case studies are presented with medications, treatments, diagnoses, and patient medical histories. Specified sleep disorders examined include insomnia, nocturnal awakenings, restless sleeping, nightmares, and sleep apnea. Additionally, chapters include medical questionnaires created for patients in clinical scenarios to aid in learning.

Unique and pedagogic, Sleep Disorders is written for physicians who practice in all primary care settings and as well as those sleep physicians in training.


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