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Speech Sound Disorders Comprehensive Evaluation and Treatment

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Anul publicarii: 2021
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An innovative and invaluable resource for students and professionals to effectively treat children with speech sound disorders

Children with speech sound disorders are at higher risk of academic failure, behavioral difficulties, motor impairments, language delays, and literacy deficits. Speech Sound Disorders: Comprehensive Evaluation and Treatment by Kelly Vess provides the necessary tools to use research-based practices when diagnosing and treating preschoolers. Sophisticated yet reader-friendly, this interactive book is certain to revolutionize the methodology therapists use to treat children with these disorders and globally improve outcomes.

Through a step-by-step process, readers will learn to critically review and evaluate research in practice. Guidance is provided on how to create educationally rich activities to comprehensively treat children with speech sound disorders. Readers will not only learn how to integrate research into practice, but also how to research their own practices to continually grow as professionals and advance the field. In addition, invaluable insights are provided on how to make efficient use of limited therapy time by targeting executive function, social communication, motor skills, language skills, and literacy skills while treating children with speech sound disorders.

Key Highlights

Readers actively engage in this robust learning experience by:

  • Participating in interactive activities with 120 video clips of diverse populations of preschoolers that clearly illustrate evidence-based practices.
  • Critically reviewing current research, objectively evaluating research in practice including their own, and creating evidence-based methods to continually improve evaluation and treatment of preschoolers with varied needs.
  • Implementing proven evidence-based strategies to improve outcomes within a variety of contexts for diverse groups of preschoolers.
  • Scaffolding children with complex treatment target selection to promote optimal growth at a time when neuroplasticity is at a high level.

This unique resource empowers individuals across academic and professional settings to improve the treatment outcomes for preschoolers with speech sound disorders, develop self-efficacy skills, and instill a lifelong love of learning in children.


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